Friday, June 30, 2006

Getting back to blogging

It's been since the end of December last that I've added any blogs. Busy and lazy, I guess. With the summer, I've decided to get back into it.
This summer we have a seminarian from the diocese of Little Rock staying with us. Jason Sharbaugh will be in the seminary in St. Meinrad this fall. He is a former student of mine from Subiaco back in the early '90's. It's good to have someone other than the old pastor around. I'm surprised that the diocese let him stay with a monk. I promise not to try to snatch this sheep to the monastery. That's not where he is, anyway.
The choir is on vacation for the summer, although they seem to think that their vacation begins on Low Sunday, some of them, anyway.
The heat is tremendous down here. In the high nineties every day. My water bill is going to be high because of my gardens' needs.
I will get back into this blog, I promise.

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