Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dave Barry's end-of-the-year roundup

Dave Barry has always reminded me of a modern day Robert Benchley, who was a master of the non-sequitur. Dave's review of 2009 is worth the read.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pelosi: w/o a clue

Elizabeth Lev: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be planning a second career as a theologian. Unfortunately, she never gets one Catholic fact right.
We've been hearing a lot from pseudo-Catholic politicians lately. Here's another example. Elizabeth Lev takes Nancy to the woodshed. 'Bout time her bishop did the same thing.
Notice that Nancy claims:  But it's my faith. Would that Nancy would try to believe the Faith of the Church of which she is ostensibly a member. On the day of judgment "her" faith will be tested. I hope it will be strong enough for or rather than a faith of straw.

Riot in Dakar after Senegalese cardinal rebukes president

Islamic double-think again: The Cardinal of Dakar rebukes the (Mahoundian) President for insulting Christianity, and the mis-understanders of Islam riot. What can one expect?
This is why I have to constantly not miss any opportunity to insult Mahoundianism (Islam, to the p.c.). It must be insulted at every turn. No opportunity must be lost in showing that it is a totally man-made religion, and is only slightly more venerable than Mormonism (what a laugh!) because it's pathetic founder, Mahound, just lived earlier.
The whole world must insult it so that by a kind of aversion therapy the members of that "religion" understand that they can be insulted, their so-called prophet, and holy books can be insulted, and they can still get up in the morning and go to work. No one has to be killed. No property must be destroyed, or girls raped. You can live with it, I know you can! Jesus love you!

The end of 2009

Elena at Fountain of Elias has this from St. Theres of Liesieux:

As Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus said, "As this year has gone, so our life will go, and soon we shall say 'it is gone.' Let us not waste our time; soon eternity will shine for us."

Philosophy is still needed

There was a time at a chapter meeting one of the older monks suggested that we needed to get rid o philosophy in the preparation of monks. "The time for philosophy is over." was his comment. It was wrong then, and, yes, it's wrong now. Father Philip, OP, has some good thoughts here.

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