Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer Projects

The pastor's mind (being in constant ferment) is always at work. I suppose that a brick-and-mortar (or brick-and-martyr) pastor is what I've become. From the repair of the north retaining wall, or the building of the new parking lot, or the driveway and carport for the rectory, the dirt is starting to fly.
With the bishop's blessing we bought three new properties. The first was a 100-foot square lot directly across the street from the front door of the church. This will become the new parking lot. It will be a handy access for our older people, if they look both ways before crossing the street!
Dr. Smith's house and office are purchases that round off our property on the west. The house will provide more rental income for the parish, and will, along with about half of the monthly rental income, go to pay the note for the money we borrowed from the diocese for these properties. Being a landlord has been a cash cow for the parish.
But how many souls are being saved?


Mamaclem said...

In my experience churches are usually more interested in amking money, than in saving souls. I don't mean thta o sound ugly, they use their money in most cases to do a great deal of good. So is not a bad thing! Besides I think only individuals can save a soul, it has to be a one on one thing between a person and their God. Churches are organizations to to bring people together to do other good things.

Subimonk said...

This is true, however, as a Catholic I would have to say that the individualistic approach to our relationship with God is only half of the relationship from our human side. The other half is the communal relationship of the Church, as Body of Christ, both to Him and to each member thereof.
What I was trying to get at was that building activity is not necessarily a sign of the Holy Spirit in action. It can be, but is not necessarily. While any parish needs the proper facilities to carry on its work for Christ, it also needs souls who are truly members of Christ in action.