Thursday, July 27, 2006


Saturday, while the Roman Calendar celebrates St. Mary of Bethany, in the Benedictine Calendar, we celebrate Sts. Lazarus, Martha, and Mary, Hosts of the Lord. They are patrons of Benedictine hospitality.
Not much going on in LA (Lower Arkansas) these days. A good, general rain came today, finally. We've been suffering under drouth (yes, that is an alternate spelling and pronunciation) for a long time. T'was a Godsend.
I had a funeral this week for parishioner Earl Feeny. He never missed anyone's funeral when he was alive and mobil, and he didn't miss his own. A good man he certainly was, quiet, helpful to folks in so many ways, a blessing to all. Requiescat in pace.
Dr. Lynn Worthen (First Baptist), Rev. Bill Odom (Mennonite), Frs. Robert Allen and Chuck Chapman (St. Mary's Episcopal), Jason Sharbaugh our diocesan seminarian, and I have started a new discussion group on the ARCIC document Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ (The Seattle Statement) every Wednesday afternoon at Hudson Senior Center. We have not made a lot of progress with the document since every paragraph has led to good discussions, albeit not always germane to the document in hand. It is quite an enjoyable meeting. I only wish that there was an Eastern Orthodox representative. That would give a great perspective.
I had intended to spend a few days at Subiaco, but the funeral prevented that visit. I will be in Little Rock Friday evening for the Mass and dinner for the EOHS (Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher). This is the first time that I will have participated in such, since my investiture will not be until the end of September in Austin, TX. Better get my destrier ready and polish up my armor. Oh yeah, they don't do that anymore. Wouldn't be very helpful over there anyway these days, prayer will be more advantageous anyway.
Finally, as David the Prophet says: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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