Monday, July 03, 2006

Who will our next Bishop be?

With the departure of Bp. Sartain to Jolliet, and the election of Msgr. Hebert as administrator by the priest consultors, we enter into the between times. How long it will be before a new bishop is appointed is anyone's guess.
Who will Rome pick for us as bishop? What will he be like? Conservative or liberal? Will the new bishop be a priest of the diocese, or brought in from somewhere else? I haven't heard Abbot mentioned much this time, unlike during the previous sede vacante. Of course, everyone has their own (short) list of the ones they don't want.
Since none of us really knows who the next bishop will be, all speculation is idle. Whomever we get will appeal to most of the faithful, but not to others. His decisions will please some and displease others. While he tries to be all things to all men as the Apostle says, he will still have to make decisions some will find painful, like changes of pastors, the consolidation of parishes, and maybe (God help us) the closing of some. Vocations are a problem all over the US. Even though we've been blessed recently with several ordinations, we are still way behind the number we need. All of these things will come across his desk at some time or another. Let us pray that the new bishop will be inspired by the Spirit in all his dealings!

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Subimonk said...

The next bishop will be a man of prayer and work. He will eat cornbeff sandwiches with dark stout beer in the land of the rising sun.