Saturday, August 05, 2006


Our parish neighbor, Frank T. Jones, who lived across West Main from the church, died this week after a long fight with cancer. He was a member of First Baptist Church, here in El Dorado. He is survived by his wife, Maxine. I'd known Frank from the first years I had been here. He wasn't married to Maxine at the time. He used to make fudge and bring it over to the office to share with us. Always concerned about the neighborhood, he wanted everyone to keep up their property. He was very glad for us when we began our expansion, buying properties and cleaning them up. By doing so we improved the neighborhood to his gratification. He was a good friend to us, and I'm delighted that Maxine asked me to be a pall bearer for his funeral this afternoon. We will remember him and Maxine in our prayers.
I received word today that a young couple formerly of our parish lost their baby before the child had come to full term. Our hearts go out them in their time of grief. I will be doing the funeral on Tuesday.

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patricia miles said...

Thanks Fr Pilcher for your most generous gifts of prayers and time spent with Pat Ricardo and her daughter Lynda Varnell on Mon of this week. Sorry about the reckless driving!
Patricia Miles