Monday, September 18, 2006

The Need for Sacrifice

I don't wish this, but perhaps it's time for Catholics to realize that we, as the representative Christian Church in the world, will have to sacrifice for the sake of unmasking Islam. As the articles below have shown (as well as recent history), Islam is not a religion of peace unless it has silenced all criticism and dissent from it. I say that Catholics are the representatives of Christian religion because when the riots after the pope's speach started, the first two churches that were attacked were a Greek Orthodox and and Anglican church. Their minds are too weak to discern any difference among Christians, and neither of those two churches are in union with Rome. (As you can see from the photo, the Gaza muslims are ready to dialog.)
Perhaps when the Pope goes to Turkey they will try to assassinate him. If they don't, that's good. If they do, then a murder of such cold-bloodedness and disgusting evil would be something that could shake the Christian West out of its sleep and awaken it to the present evil.
I'm not advocating the death of our Holy Father, but I am suggesting that there will have to be sacrifices if we are to continue our Christian way of life. The evil of Islam is not retreating. They are the enemies of Christ and our holy Faith.


jeron said...

i've been told that the "vast majority" of muslims are peaceful, loving people. if that's the truth, then why haven't i read about / heard any islamic voices calling for a cessation to these violent acts? all i see representing islam is the "radical element."

Mark said...

Maybe the martyrdom of the Holy Father is what it will take to finally demonstrate to the world the true nature of the "Religion of Peace." Then again, maybe it will finally draw out those who do not endorse the violent jihadists. Hope springs eternal.