Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Athiests attack religion!

There have been a rash of books by atheists attacking religion of late (almost exclusively Christianity, naturally). They are so poorly written and so devoid of reasoning that it is time for Christians to help them out. What we need are some Christian scholars to write the books for them. Then they will get the arguments right, and won't be such an embarrassment to the intellectual establishment.


amca said...

Could you please expand on this with some examples of the obvious lack of reasoning in the atheist's writings? Is it the reasoning methodology or the underlying assumptions that the authors make that are such an embarrassment to the intellectual establishment?


Subimonk said...

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but here it is: First of all, they rarely stay with the subject. Many times they make broad comments about religion or belief with nothing to back it up. They also assume that science is the only discipline that can lead us to truth. But science, as important and as necessary as it is, is only capable of commenting and learning from physical phenomena. This of itself would leave out both theology and philosophy because they deal with reason,(and,in the case of religion, revelation, which is not a physical thing) even though we can register brain wave activity (or lack thereof) it still does not tell us of what we are thinking.
This, I think is their greatest mistake: to attribute truth solely to science, and then at the same time to make hysterical criticisms of faith that really are caricatures.