Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mother Teresa's Dark Night of the Soul

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was famous in her life and after her death because of her work for the poor and her spiritual teaching. Now that the cause for her canonization is working, her letters and other materials about her life have come to light. It appears that from the 1950's on she experienced a sense of complete abandonment by God. This feeling of God's absence in her life was a great trial, but something that never got her down. She continued steadfastly onward in her service of Christ without spiritual consolation. What a great example to us in modern western countries where the cult of "feelings" and "Oprah-ism" reigns. See the articles in Zenit:


Dean said...

From your sermon today, I got the impression that you have a lot of respect for the good Mother.

Subimonk said...

I do from a spiritual point of view. However, I've always been more interested in the "old" saints, but hey, that's just me.