Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nashville, day 4

This has been a relaxing time with no pressures. I visited with Don Ruesewald yesternight. He took me out to dinner and then home to meet his wife and two children. He was one of my choir members for the four years he was at Subiaco, graduating in 1984. He's done well for himself, and was probably one of the best voices I had to work with in those years.
Butch has been very well behaved. He's such a sweet dog. I'm glad that I have him.
As one drives onto the campus of John Paul II High School here, there is a sign on the left side of the drive. It is black with gold letters and says: BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE. Every morning as the children and staff come to school they see that sign. It may not resonate with them every day, but at least they read it every day that they come there. I would think that there would be some kind of long-term formation that it does for all of them to be daily reminded of that great truth of our Faith.
After a day of rain, a cold front has moved in, and the temperatures are only supposed to be in the low sixties at best. This is true fall weather, and I love it.

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Gerry said...

Fall finally arrived here last night. High today was 61, currenly temp is 37, low expected to be 30. A good crop of pecans was harvested today after the wind we had last eve. The mailman has missed Butch, as you can imagine. Safe travel on Friday.