Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jewish Professor at Roman University defends the Pope

Defending the Pope comes with a cost, says a Jewish math professor from Rome's La Sapienza University. (See full article in Zenit: ) Giorgio Israel spoke with L'Osservatore Romano last week after protesters at La Sapienza objected to a planned visit from Benedict XVI. The protesters wrote a letter in which they claimed the Pope is "hostile" to science. The event eventually escalated to the point of students taking over the rector's offices and the cancellation of the trip, planned for Jan. 17.
The Jewish math professor admits that there is an anti-papal climate in the universities that is difficult to address. Again, the university, supposedly a place of calm pursuit of truth, is revealed to be just the opposite. Liberal factions and politically-correct thought police rule the day. If the universities fail us in the pursuit of truth, then where will it happen for most folks?

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