Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Papal visit to Roman University cancelled

VATICAN CITY, 16 JAN 2008 (VIS) - The Pope will not make the visit he was scheduled to make tomorrow, 17 January, to Rome's "La Sapienza" University for the inauguration of the academic year, according to a communique released yesterday evening by the Holy See Press Office.
The communique reads: "In the wake of the widely-publicised events of the last few days relating to the Holy Father's visit to Rome's 'La Sapienza' University which, at the invitation of the rector, was to have taken place on Thursday, 17 January, it was considered opportune to postpone the event. The Holy Father will, nonetheless, send the text of the speech he had been due to pronounce".
The "events" to which the note refers include a petition to the rector signed by 67 professors asking for the invitation to Benedict XVI to be withdrawn, and protests by groups of students who yesterday occupied the rector's office to demand the right to demonstrate within the university campus on the day of the Pope's visit.
The signatories of the petition take exception to a talk given by the then Cardinal Ratzinger in 1990, and in particular to a phrase he used on that occasion to the effect that "in Galileo's time the Church remained much more faithful to reason than Galileo himself. The trial against Galileo was reasonable and just". The future Pope's remarks, a quote from a work by the philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend, were made in the context of a talk on the crisis of confidence in science, in which he used the example of changing attitudes towards the case of Galileo. OP/PAPAL VISIT/LA SAPIENZAVIS 080116 (290)
So much for freedom of speech and the honesty of the scientific method.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Subimonk,

What if you're all dead wrong and 2 Thessalonians 2:11 is in the so-called "New Testament" as a direct and purposeful warning to Christians about the dangers of money, religion, and politics (a.k.a. three strong delusions (unclean/foul spirits...))? How will you make amends to ME (and everyone else) for worshipping lies and helping the great deceiver(s) to oppress the poor and innocent?

Time is indeed short!

Religion is Philosophy and Spirituality by FlimFlam !!!

It is beyond amazing that these "snakes in fancy clothing" still have the gall to continue to defend the abomination that was/is the Inquisition. Now we have a Grand Inquisitor Pope (a.k.a., Glory of the Olives...) who personally defends much of the Vatican-Papacy's most heinous and despicable activities.

Why does anyone need anymore proof that religious leaders are lying through their teeth to save their own skins? Christianity has been decisively proven to be a Roman deception, and they know the end is nigh!!

Speaking of more proof...

Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions.

Here is Wisdom...


Subimonk said...

The fatuousnes of your comment doesn't deserve a response. Perhaps someday you will come to the truth.