Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday nights in Lent

Our parish will be having a series of lectures called Tuesday Nights in Lent. It will consist of Vespers and Eucharist at 5:30, followed by a simple supper in the parish hall. At 6:30 I will give a talk on various topics. Tonight is on "Prayer." The subsequent Tuesdays will cover liturgical music, forgiveness, hospitality and the liturgies of Holy Week. Indications show that these will be well attended.


Michael Dowd said...

(Please forward this notice onto others, if you are so led. Thanks!)

"The science vs. religion debate is over! A must read for all, including scientists." -- CRAIG MELLO, 2006 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSIOLOGY/MEDICINE

"For Catholics who are worried that evolution has nothing to offer them but random Godlessness, this is the book to get. Mind you, it may sometimes be challenging. Traditional concepts, like 'original sin,' get re-expressed with new words, like 'our lizard legacy.' But the courageous will discover the same joy, energy, and spirituality that fills the author as he explores an evolutionary view of God and Creation. Take courage - and read it!"

ANNOUNCING a bold new book: THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION!: HOW THE MARRIAGE OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND OUR WORLD, endorsed by 5 Nobel Prize winners and 120 other scientists, ministers, priests, and theologians across the religious and philosophical spectrum.

***** Chapters 9-12 provide an insightful and inspiring overview of 'the human condition' and a fresh, evolutionary interpretation of Jesus as our one true path to salvation. 'The Fall' and 'Original Sin' are presented in a science-based way that all can embrace. *****
BOOK TRAILER: (84 seconds long - fun, and visually quite stunning): http://www.ThankGodforEvolution.com/book-trailer.html
Lower bandwidth YouTube version:

FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM OP-ED: "It Matters What We Think About Evolution!"

"Thank God for Evolution!" is available as a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD from this website: http://ThankGodforEvolution.com It is also available in hardcover from Amazon.com and other online and local bookstores nationwide.


"Michael Dowd has produced a thoughtful, timely, challenging--and readable--synthesis of science and spirituality. This compelling book is the product of candid reflection on the religious and ethical significance of evolution and contemporary cosmology. The author's generosity of soul and depth of ecological concern have allowed him to create an inspiring spiritual vision out of an exceptionally wide variety of sources. There is much here for all of us to ponder as we look for solid reasons for ethical aspiration in the 21st Century."
-- JOHN F. HAUGHT, DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR OF THEOLOGY, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, author of "Is Nature Enough?", "Deeper than Darwin", and "Christianity and Science"

"The universe took 13.7 billion years to produce this amazing book. I heartily recommend it. I am often asked how science and religion can co-exist. This is a wonderful answer."

Subimonk said...

I've been wanting to get this book myself ever since I read a review of it in "America" I think. There is also a different book on the same subject that is published in England and got a good review in "The Tablet."