Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow in El Dorado

It is very unusual to get snow of any quantity down here in the sunny south where the Gulf of Mexico is usually our big weather maker. A combination of a cold front from the north and moist air from the south have combined to create quite a snow for us. Everybody is quitting work and going home. The schools got out at noon after the snow started coming down. I have a wake tonight and a funeral tomorrow. I just hope the musicians will be there. Our organist-choirmaster is stuck in Louisville, KY where he was attending the ACDA convention (American Choral Directors Association). Anyway, we'll enjoy this snow while it lasts.


Edward C. Dodge said...

Father: Snow here, too, of course. Several inches. Very pleasant--we took Eddie out into it (he'll be 11 months old tomorrow), but he wasn't too sure what to make of it.

On another note, given your subtitle on the Trinity, did you see this mess?

Also, may I recommend a site? I think that you'd rather enjoy Fr. Z's What Does the Prayer Really Say? site. He used to work for Ecclesia Dei. His "frank commentary" on contemporary issues is priceless.

God bless!

Subimonk said...

Thanks, Ed. I've visited American Papist before. It's good. The other blog I was unable to open for some reason.