Friday, January 16, 2009

The King-Martyr, Louis, by the grace of God

January 21, besides being the feasts of St. Agnes, virgin and martyr, and St. Meinrad, monk and martyr, is the commemoration of the murder of King Louis XVI, the king-martyr, and savior of the American Revolution. The evil deed of evil me was 215 years ago: January 21, 1793. The more I study that whole period and the lives of the principal players, the more I come to see that the French Revolution was one of the most satanic events in human history. It has produced nothing but evil in its wake and the world still suffers from it. The noble king Louis, and his sainted wife, Marie Antoinette of Austria, are the most maligned persons that I have ever encountered. Almost everything that popular culture believes about them are, and were, malicious lies, the monstrosity thereof unfathomable. I truly believe that the king and queen are in the ranks of the martyr saints, and deserve our veneration and admiration. Louis' support for the American Revolution, albeit a totally political act to embarrass Britain, bankrupted France while it rocketed our nation to freedom. In so doing, the evil "thinkers" of France found their opportunity to create the first political holocaust of modern times. God save the king! Holy Louis, pray for us.

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Jason S. said...

But, the French people were starving and the aristocracy and the clerics did nothing for them while they lived their lavish lifestyles off the backs of the peasants who built the French country. The Revolution brought about individual rights (Declaration of the Rights of Man 1789), the rule of law, scientific advancement, and overall Enlightenment that brought about the modern world and modern man out of the age of Darkness and the made up tyrannical God that "the Church" imposed on humanity.