Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Moving Video

I chanced on this video from my friend Brantigny, at the blog: Le Fleur de Lys too
I found it both deeply and curiously moving. Curiously, because I've never really been a fan of parading in the streets with the Blessed Sacrament. Perhaps it's a holdover from my revolutionary and much lamented 1960's and '70's. Anyway, just watching it has completely changed my attitude in the few minutes it took to view it.
Maybe a Corpus Xsti procession is in the offing in Eldo one of these years!


Eva Ulian said...

Hi Fr Gregory, enjoyed seeing you u-tube of a Corpus Christie procession in NY- I thought you might like to see my post on a procession in our local village here in Italy- You'll find it quite different but also the same.

98. Corpus Christi: You Won’t See this in China

TRC said...

Why . . . "one of these years"?? Why do you wait? What is stopping you? When are people and especially our Sheppard (priest) going to stop waiting for the opportune moments to express life to show that it is "All about Christ" and not about us? I am curious what hinders you. Take Christ to the streets, announce it next Sunday and do it, walk the square! What makes you question the idea?
Even it is only a procession of 1or 2 Catholics . . . it would be worth it; would it not?? Or would you consider yourself a conservative Catholic?

Father Gregory said...

Dear TRC,

Thanks for your enthusiasm. When the Eucharistic Procession is done, it must be as beautiful and compelling as the one in New York (or as close as we can get it here in South Ark.). For it to be anything less the first time we did it would be to a) court liturgical disaster due to lack of preparation on the part of the acolytes, etc., and b) lack of solid catechesis of the people. It's been a very long time since anything like this has been done here in South Arkansas. After all the Prods who see it won't understand it, and will scoff, but at least the Catholics should be prepared to understand and to embrace it. Not everything that is good and excellent must simply be rushed into w/o any preparation. That would be folly. While my motto is "duc in altum," that doesn't prevent me from testing the waters, at least a little bit. It is I who have to implement this, and I have to take into account the strangeness of it to the people. It has to be done sucessfully the very first time, there won't be any second chances on this.
It is not from any fear of doing it that gives me pause, only that I want it do be done with all the nobility and beauty that the Church can muster so that the blessings of it will be unquestionable in the hearts of the people.

Eva Ulian said...

I understand how hard it is to take a first step in a country where Catholics are a minority. Italy being officially a Catholic country is much easier & people just love processions as you can see, my blogs are full of them. However you still get those who scoff and I've blogged about them too here's the url address
However, you will find the series of processions at these blog nos 137-8-9: 141-2: 146-7-8-9 and you will really feel the atmosphere from the pictures.
I hope it will inspire others to pick up the old threads- I still remember the May processions at school in England- we didn't take to the main street- just round the school, church and vicarage.