Thursday, December 31, 2009

Riot in Dakar after Senegalese cardinal rebukes president

Islamic double-think again: The Cardinal of Dakar rebukes the (Mahoundian) President for insulting Christianity, and the mis-understanders of Islam riot. What can one expect?
This is why I have to constantly not miss any opportunity to insult Mahoundianism (Islam, to the p.c.). It must be insulted at every turn. No opportunity must be lost in showing that it is a totally man-made religion, and is only slightly more venerable than Mormonism (what a laugh!) because it's pathetic founder, Mahound, just lived earlier.
The whole world must insult it so that by a kind of aversion therapy the members of that "religion" understand that they can be insulted, their so-called prophet, and holy books can be insulted, and they can still get up in the morning and go to work. No one has to be killed. No property must be destroyed, or girls raped. You can live with it, I know you can! Jesus love you!

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